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First Step: Workouts

Beachbody On Demand All Access Workouts

All-Access pass to Every Single Program ever created by Beachbody!

Want to lose weight? Get totally ripped? Burn serious calories? Have a Yoga studio right in your own home? Target any goal with instant streaming access to the programs that have made Beachbody on demand a household name in at-home fitness. As your coach I help to tailor a long term plan for your fitness so that you never get bored or hit plateaus with Beachbody on Demand, or BOD!

Over $5,000 worth of Fitness Programs at your fingertips and As new programs release you get Instant access with NO additional fee!

Get unlimited access to P90X, Insanity, T25, Cize, 21 Day Fix, Core De Force or pick from over 400 other world-famous workouts that have helped millions transform their lives. You will also get access to trainer exclusives that have never been put on DVD, our Yoga studio and the Fixate Cooking show that teaches you how to cook recipes that go along with your food plan. We are always adding NEW workouts including yoga, barre and dance routines, MMA kickboxing calorie-burning cardio, and muscle-building strength training.  You will  also get “sneak peeks” of our new programs months before they release!  As your coach I will keep you updated on when these will pop into your On demand!

Beachbody on Demand Feature is available as an app on your phone, or from any internet device as well as many devices such as the new apple tvs, roku, amazon fire stick and chrome cast.

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Second Step: Nutrition

Shakeology, Nutrition and Portion Control



Shakeology is my most important nutrition tool for my challengers. It takes AWAY the “Diet Cycle”.
Do you know that feeling about a week into a diet and you have lost your motivation, your feeling tired, HANGRY, and losing that initial motivation?
The reason is because as you cut calories to lose weight, you are in many cases cutting nutritionally dense foods and your body is reacting.
What your body NEEDS when you have cut calories and added in new, possibly intense workouts is to be FUELED correctly.
What Shakeology does is to give your body a Daily Dose of DENSE Nutrition to combat this. Within this powerful shake that you will drink once a day as a meal or snack, is Pre and Probiotics, Adaptogens, Enzymes, and some very high quality protein to keep you full. It is made up of Real Food, not man made supplements.
What is NOT within this shake is Artificial Ingredients and sweeteners, products grown in nutrient deficient soils, SOY, and GMO foods.
Our Creator Darin Olien puts his heart and soul into traveling the globe to find the richest soils to grow in, farmers who will uphold our organic and sustainable practices, and ingredients that will HELP our bodies to fight the toxins we come into contact with daily in this crazy world.

Nutrition: The 21 Day Fix Food Plan has been a Game Changer for me as a coach! In the early days, 5 years ago, I would a detailed list for my clients of foods they can eat and give them a meal plan suggestion
The 21 day fix though took out the guesswork. It tells you exactly what portion size, and how many of each food group you should be eating daily for YOUR body size! The 21 day fix food plan has helped my clients to understand which foods are most nutritionally dense, plan out their food each each day in a “formula” or container system and STILL get to have a sweet treat or glass of wine throughout.

Third Step: Accountability

Find your Fitness Community and Take Ownership of your Health


A very important Tool that I use as a coach is my Challenge Groups. This is the final piece of the puzzle. When you sign on with me, you will be in a challenge group either Via Facebook or on an App where you will log your workouts, shakes, progress, and stay motivated!
I encourage you to bond with the other challengers as well, push each other, VENT when needed, and start taking Ownership of your Health. I am here to guide you, inspire you, and keep you on track!

Lose Weight and Feel good in your skin again!

It is not as complicated as many people want to make it out to be. You don’t need an expensive gym membership, go on crazy FAD diets, or feel hungry and deprived. You just need to learn how to choose the most nutritionally dense options, understand what your body actually needs to eat each day and find effective short workouts that you can fit into your crazy schedule AT HOME. Workouts that provide zero guesswork and keep you excited to come back for more!

Get Fit At Home!

It isn’t a quick fix, it’s a lifestyle change!

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Weight Loss Success Stories

When I joined as a beachbody coach, I had an 8 month old son, and I ran all the time but my body did not feel like my own. I was suffering from mild depression, and I was just going through the motions. I had stopped pushing myself in my life, and stopped setting goals. I kept thinking I could do this on my own. One day I just said NO MORE! I need a goal, something to be excited about, a Challenge! I went ALL IN as a coach at the same time that I bought my Challenge pack so that I could not quit! 90 days later, and a renewed confidence-  I had lost 12 lbs, and gotten down to my wedding weight! I learned how to “Eat Clean” NOT “low fat and diet”.  The picture you see is my 2nd transformation- losing 40 lbs- after my daughter was born. I was so thankful to start with the 21 day fix 6 weeks post partum, followed by Piyo, because the second time around I didn't have the guesswork!




Weight Loss Success Stories

In My before picture I was a runner. That was the only exercise I got. Although I was burning tons of calories , I was eating horribly and the weight just wasn't coming off.
Then came along 21 day fix extreme. I chose the extreme but I wanted a challenge. I did 7 rounds of it and lost almost 40lbs. After I learned how to eat properly, I wanted to start building muscle. I researched and did hammer and chisel, then onto body beast. I haven't looked back since!!!
I am So glad that I found our team of supportive moms and dads and these amazing programs to get me fit from home while running after 3 boys and working full time!

Weight Loss Success Stories

Before Beachbody, I was so unhealthy.  I ate awful, and had horrible stomach pains all of the time.  I got winded going up just one flight of stairs!  I am young! I should not feel like an old woman in my twenties!
I decided to jump in with the 21 day fix to start, then Piyo after my knee surgery.  I went onto complete 21 day fix extreme, Hammer and chisel, 22 min Hard corps, and T25.  I have LOST 70 lbs so far and I never miss a day of Shakeology and I eat by the 21 day fix food plan to this day! I can now climb mountains, literally;)  NO more stomach pains, SO much more energy and I know my body. More than just physical though, I've also grown as a person. Beachbody has me to become the woman I am today.

Weight Loss Success Stories

My name is Becky and I started with Beachbody programs after my 2nd baby.  I started with P90X, and insanity, and found this amazing fitness community that I had no idea existed!  I was working long hours, taking care of two babies and just pushed to my limits. After falling in love with the programs, and recommending them to so many friends, I realized that you could also become a coach, and help others stay motivated and on track throughout and EARN an income as well!  I knew I needed to go all in, because I believed I could help others feel the way I did now- getting in amazing shape- all without having to leave my babies and spend hours at the gym. I needed to own my time, and beachbody “retired” me from Corporate America 2 years later.  My transformation is Physical AND financial. I am over 40, have rockin abs, and control over my future!

Weight Loss Success Stories

My name is Shyla, and I am excited to share my story to give others hope. After having three babies, recovering from two fractured vertebrae and major knee surgery, I was unhealthy, and needed a change. I needed a way to get in shape without leaving my children, and I wanted to do this to be BETTER for my children. I made the call to my friend, a coach on Wildfire Empire, who I had watched on facebook make an amazing transformation with Beachbody programs and Shakeology. She recommended the 21 Day Fix Challenge Pack so that my meal plan was covered, my 30 minute workouts, and Shakeology to give me the best results.

At first I couldn't even keep up with the modifier, but as time went on I slowly got stronger, and leaner. I did multiple rounds of 21 day fix and lost 55 pounds! Most importantly, I gained the ability to take care of myself and took Ownership of my own future.


Weight Loss Success Stories

I came to Jamie 4 years ago defeated. I had a baby 6 months previous, had been put on thyroid meds, which I was thought would help me lose weight, and nothing was happening. I was out of shape with no idea how to even start. I had followed Jamie’s journey with turbofire and Shakeology and decided to give it a try. I figured, Why Not?  I have nothing to lose, right?  First workout was turbofire, and I hated it. I told Jamie I was not going to finish this 90 days, but she convinced me to stick with the schedule for 2 weeks, drink my shake, and follow the clean eating guide, then re-evaluate. And thank god I did!  I fell in LOVE with turbofire, and it became the catalyst which led to me losing 50 lbs and becoming an ATHLETE!  I went on to complete 5 more beachbody programs and 4 years later I am now competing in triathlons!  I would not be where I am now without beachbody, the online fitness community, and taking a chance!