Clean Week: Start a Healthy Lifestyle in 7 Days

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Clean Week

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Whats amazing about this offer- is that there is ZERO commitment or memberships if you do not like it. You can basically “try on” a healthy lifestyle to see if it fits! With Clean Week, an exclusive Beachbody On Demand step-by-step, 7-day nutrition and fitness program that gives you all the tools you need to start losing weight, getting in shape, and kick-starting healthy habits that last a lifetime.

With Clean Week, you won’t feel overwhelmed by all of these changes to your fitness routine, diet, and lifestyle…This program makes it easy to jump right in, especially if you’re new to health and fitness. Clean Week is the perfect intro to Beachbody’s HUGE array of fitness, nutrition, and support. Once you start seeing results with Clean Week, you can continue your health and fitness journey with other proven Beachbody programs. You will never be bored with your workouts again!  I promise!

Can 7 Days Really Make a Difference?

It can, and here’s why. You’ll feel lighter, leaner, and even stronger. You’ll start to shed weight and learn healthy habits that make it easier to keep going. Even better- you will gain the confidence that you really can make a positive lifestyle change. In 7 days, you will prove to yourself that you actually CAN make this change and you are even enjoying it!

How Clean Week Works

The Workouts
The Clean Week program has 4 30-minute workouts, and you will do one every day for a week. Each workout focuses on a different fundamental of fitness: Cardio, Strength, Core Function, and Flexibility. Not only are the workouts effective, they’re fun, too! Whats different about these workouts though- is instead of 1 modifier like in our other programs to provide a low impact option- they are ALL modifiers and ONE intensifier for those who want to really push and take the workout to the next level.

When it comes to nutrition, the Clean Week Meal Planner breaks it down, step by step. No calorie-counting. No special foods to buy. Just clean, simple recipes to choose from that are easy to make using whole, nutritious foods. The Meal Planner even shows you how to meal prep so you’ll be ready for the entire week!

Your easiest and most delicious healthy habit of the week is Shakeology, which ties your week of daily exercise, clean eating, and healthy habits together. Formulated with the protein, fiber, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, probiotics, and daily superfoods your body needs, Shakeology helps curb cravings and provides healthy energy to help you power through your workouts. It’s the secret to helping you get your best results with the program.

Stay Motivated With Trainer Megan Davies

Megan joins Beachbody’s team of Super Trainers fresh from her amazing win on Beachbody’s fitness reality show, THE 20s, where she earned the opportunity to develop the Clean Week program. Before joining the Beachbody team, she spent years as a personal trainer, working with clients, earning her NSCA certification, and opening her own gym.

Megan’s passion for health and fitness really shows in her energetic, motivating style and simple yet thorough approach to every Clean Week workout. Her goal is to help you build a solid fitness foundation, so you know how to do the exercises correctly and know what they’ll do for you.

What’s Included in the Clean Week Program?

The Clean Week program includes 4 easy-to-learn workouts, the Clean Week Meal Planner, a quick start guide, and a 7-day Shakeology sampler — all for only $29.95.

Stream the workouts FREE on Beachbody On Demand on your TV, tablet, laptop, or smartphone — anywhere you have an internet connection.

So if you’ve been thinking about living a healthier lifestyle, get started with Clean Week and see how you can change your mindset in just 7 days!

What Is Beachbody On Demand?

If you found your way to this exciting Clean Week announcement but aren’t really sure what Beachbody On Demand is, here’s a brief explanation.

Beachbody On Demand is a platform that allows you to stream P90X, INSANITY, 21 Day Fix EXTREME, INSANITY MAX:30, FOCUS T25, 3 Week Yoga Retreat, or any of over 600 world-famous Beachbody workouts that have helped millions transform their lives.

Beachbody On Demand also lets you sample Beachbody’s newest workouts, including the SHIFT SHOP, CORE DE FORCE, and YOUv2. Inside, you’ll find the program nutrition guides, workout calendars, and exclusives like SHAUN WEEK: INSANE FOCUS and FIXATE, Autumn Calabrese’s healthy cooking show.

No matter where you are in the world — whether you’re in your house, at the gym, or on vacation — you can access your program guides, your workouts, and more on your laptop, smartphone, or tablet. As long as you can connect to the Internet, you can work out with Beachbody, no DVDs required. What are you waiting for?

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